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Florida Villas to Rent Direct By Owner

Florida Villas to Rent | VR360homes

When looking to rent one of our Florida villas, you may wish to consider the following ...

  • Decide on the dates you wish to travel - If you need to travel within school holidays, you will need to book early to get the home you want.
  • Get confirmation from all the members in the party, so you know exactly how many you need to accommodate.
  • If booking Florida villas between two or more families, will children be happy to share a bedroom or will they want their own room.
  • Have a budget in mind for the accommodation, be realistic with this, obviously the more you allocate the higher quality of home you will have for your holiday. You could be there for two weeks, and you want it to be the best holiday you can afford.
  • List what is important to you in your holiday home and give each item a level of importance, as you may need to compromise, eg is having two en-suites more important than a games room?
  • If you are looking for homes near a particular attraction, it’s often the case that you can save money or have a larger property by being slightly further away; it may only be a difference of 20 minute car journey.
  • Most people want to contact multiple owners to check availability and get quotes. The vr360homes site makes it easy to do this as you only need to complete the contact form at the bottom of the villa listing page once and your details will be copied from one page to the next making it quick and easy to send multiple enquiries.

Once you have answered all the above questions you can begin selecting your dream villas in Florida. Most of our Orlando villa rentals have lots of high quality photos which really gives you a feel so you can get a detailed looks around the home.

How do I find the right Florida Villa for me?

To begin your search just enter your preferred community / location in the search bar, if you don't have one just leave this blank. By leaving this field blank and just entering your dates and number of bedrooms you will see all the homes we have available in Florida. The search bar is located at the top of all pages and you can also start from the VR360homes home page. If you are look for Orlando villas we have nearly 900 available direct from the owners.

How do I contact the owner to book or ask any questions?

Once you have found a Florida vacation rental that you want to book just complete the contact form on that page which goes directly to the owner / agent. There are a number of big orange buttons that say "Send an Enquiry" which take you straight to the contact form.

You can only send an enquiry to the owner if the home is available so it's always best to enter your required dates in the search box. If you are trying to send a contact form and it won't send it's probably already booked so double check the calendar.

When will I hear from the owner with a quote?

You should receive a quote from the owner within 24-48hrs but it maybe quicker and easier to give them a call to ask any questions about the home. This also gives them the opportunity to share any local tips and tricks they may have picked up from owning a home is this area like good restaurants etc.

If you haven't heard from the owner within 48hrs I would recommend resending the enquiry or giving them the call. Sometimes emails go missing or are diverted to a spam/junk folder by accident. Every villa listing has the owners phone number on but please be aware of the country you are calling as there maybe a time difference.

How do I pay for the Florida Villa Rental?

If you are happy with the quote and want to book the home you need to arrange payment directly with the owner. VR360homes does not handle any payments or booking forms. Most owners require a non refundable deposit to confirm the booking which is normally 20-25% of the total. If you are going within 8-10 weeks the owner may require full payment when booking. 

Most owners will also require a security deposit of around £200 - £300 which is refunded once your stay in over. Some owners may offer a Property Protection Policy or Damage Waiver Policy instead of the security deposit. This is a non refundable payment that covers accident damage. The cost of this depends on the house and it's content.

When do I get the Check-In details and Keys?

Most owners / agents send out the check in details a few weeks before your stay. Not many homes use keys anymore, most have a keypad door lock with a code. Sometimes the owner will ask you to give them a code that you can remember which makes things alot easier.

For certain communities there can be a number of rules that you need to be aware of so please read the check-in details in full before you get to the home. This will then allow you to ask any questions before you get there rather than having to call the owner or local management company once there.

What do I do if I have a problem in the Florida villa?

Each home has a local management company or contact so please make sure you make a note of this. If you have any problems in the home please contact this person first as they are local and should be able to help. If for some reason you can't get hold of them and it's an emergency please contact the owner or agent you booked with.

Do I need to do anything during my stay?

On some communities the owners will ask you to put out the bins / trash cans on certain days. This should be in the check in information or maybe displayed in the home. This really helps keep the homes clean and tidy in the extreme Florida heat. Some of the newer communities have small bins / trash can located by the front door that are emptied daily but trash must be bagged, no loose trash is allowed.

Some owners may also ask you to strip the beds on your departure day and place all bedding and towels in the laundry area. This helps the cleaners to get the house ready for the next guests that maybe arriving later that day.

We hope the above information helps and gives you an overview of the booking process on VR360homes. If you have any questions please contact us via the Contact link in the top menu.