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New Florida Law: Left Lane is for Passing

I have been emailed today with some news that you should be aware of if you are planning to drive in Florida. I have added the info below from a Health and Safety site.

"Driving below the speed of traffic in the left hand lane of any multilane road in Florida is not only annoying, it is now illegal thanks to 2014 revisions to Florida’s Laws. [More]

How to Fill Up with Petrol / Gas in Florida (USA)

I thought it might be useful for first time drivers in Florida to explain how the petrol / gas stations work. In the UK you fill up before paying, it works the opposite way in the Florida. Obviously there's a bit if guess work with regards to how much the vehicle will take, so maybe just add $35 as your first tank to see how much of the tank that fills. This is the same process throughout America. [More]