Using your UK mobile in Florida - Money Saving Tip with PAYG Sim Card for £10

Just a quick blog post for UK guests travelling to Florida and planning to use their UK mobile phones whilst aboard. My mobile phone contract is with BT but it didn't include US calls and data as it's just a cheap £10 per month deal which covers more than enough of what i need when in the UK. If I want to use it in the US I think it was about £6 per day plus data so ridiculous!

I found a preloaded 30 day sim card on Amazon which is only £10 (£9.21 actually) and gives you 10gb of data as well as calls and txts. You need to install the sim in your phone and download the 3 mobile app, it's very simple and I never had to put any card details in. All the instructions are on the packaging.

Preloaded 10GB Sim for use in Florida

I activated it the day before I went as it only lasts 30 days, once activated it worked perfect. We mainly used it for the Waze travel app to check traffic and then for looking things up when we were out and about. If you are going for longer than 30 days you can extend in the 3 Mobile app and it's the same price or cheaper for another 30 days.

As long as you are not watching lots of videos 10GB's will last ages, we only used about 3 gb's in 3 weeks.

The best way to use this if you still need to receive incoming calls and txt's on your current mobile number is to turn off mobile data and data roaming on your current phone and then put this sim card in to an old iPhone. We all have an old iPhone laying around somewhere. Just charge this up and add the new 10GB sim card, make sure you turn on mobile data and data roaming otherwise it won't work when you are in the US.

It means carrying two phone but it will save you a small fortune on your mobile phone bill unless you have a contract that includes US data which it doesn't seem many do anymore.

Here is the direct link if you are interested.

Three Mobile PAYG 10GB Sim Card

This information is correct as of the 28th Feb 2023.

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