Champions Gate to Magic Kingdom driving directions

The Retreat at Champions Gate is probably our most popular Orlando villa community with it's great location and amazing onsite Oasis clubhouse and waterpark. It's located within a couple of miles of Interstate 4 (I4) making it very easy to to reach the Orlando theme parks.

Most of our guests visiting Orlando will be hiring a car from the airport, either Orlando International (MCO) of Sandford (SFB). Sometime that car has a built in sat nav / gps but sometimes it won't. The car hire companies will offer to rent one to you for a fee (around $10 per day) but over the course of a two week holiday this can get expensive especially when most people have a smart phone which can do all of this already.

But there is problem, if you are visiting from outside of the USA you probably don't have a contract that includes data in the US so if you start using mobile data you will end up with a huge bill!!!

An easy way around this is to load the directions via google maps while you have Free wifi, most airports and theme parks now offer FREE WiFi. Using the links below just click on the directions you want to load while you are on the free wifi and once you are in the car and ready to go hit start, google maps will then use your phones GPS to guide you without using data. Just make sure you have the data turned off in the phone settings.

Champions Gate to Disney World

Below is a list of Orlando theme parks and attractions and how far away they are from The Retreat at Champions Gate. All the directions are from the Oasis Clubhouse. These are actual distances to the car parks rather than to the edge of the Disney property which is how most people quote times. We want to give you a realistic time, Disney has a 30 square mile site so once you reach the edge of the property you can still have a 10 minute drive to get to the car parks. We have also included Busch Gardens in Tampa.

Just click on the links below to load google maps on your smart phone and hit start on the directions to use a sat nav.

We have also included directions from Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Sanford International Airport (SFB) to the Retreat at Champions Gate and back. These are using the 417 tollroad which is the quickest way so make sure you have some cash on you. The cost from MCO would be around $4.00 (approx), I am not sure about Sandford as I always fly in to MCO but I imagine it's probably around $8 as it's another 30 miles from MCO.

We hope you find these directions useful and that it makes your stay on the Retreat at Champions Gate a vacation to remember. For more information about renting one of our Champions Gate Villas please visit our website.

The Retreat at Champions Gate Villas and Vacation Rentals

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