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Florida Villas 2015

Florida Villas - As most of you will know Florida is known for it's 365 days of sunshine, now I have spent a lot of time in Florida and this is not exactly the case but it's not far from the truth.

Florida has become a year round holiday destination with over 87 millions visitors so good accommodation is very sort after especially at busy times which we tend to think of as Christmas, Easter and Summer which can start from the beginning of June with American schools finishing then, UK summer holidays don't normally start until the beginning of July.

With this in mind we always recommend booking our Florida villas for 2015 well in advance to get the home you want. Most of our Florida villa owners will already have booking in place for 2015 and as I said Easter and Christmas tend to book up fast as these are only short holidays, normally over a 2-3 week period but are the same for everyone around the world. The summer holidays do vary a bit from country to country so currently you should be able to find Florida villas for 2015.

We always recommend booking your Florida villa first to make sure you get the one that fits your needs, then I would suggest booking your flights but bear in mind most airlines only allow you to book 11 months in advance so at this point you can't book for next Christmas. Most of the big airlines flying from the UK like Virgin Atlantic and British Airways run at least two flights a day to Orlando so it shouldn't be too difficult to get a flight but prices can vary a lot depending on the time of year you want to go. Both of these airlines have sales thoughout the year and you can get some great deals so I would recommend signing up to there mailing lists / newsletters so you know when this is happening.

If you are travelling without kids I would recommend going out side of the school holidays as all the theme parks and attractions will be a lot less crowded and you can also get some great deals on our Florida villas at these times. I would say the quieter months would be January, February, March as long as Easter is not in this month, September, the first two weeks of October, most of November (thanksgiving tends to be very busy), the first two weeks of December are also normally pretty quiet.

The busiest week of the year from the Orlando theme parks is between Christmas and New Year so I would recommend visiting the parks before or after this if you don't want to queue for hours on each ride, especially the new Harry Potter Diagon Alley and London attractions at Universal Studios.

To summerize this blog post if you are thinking of booking a Florida villa for 2015 I would recommend booking now to get the villa rental you want, most owners take a 25% deposit to secure the home with the balance normally due around 10-12 weeks before you go.

One last tip if you are travelling with a big group is to book an extra night at the end of your stay as most flights back to the UK are in the evening around 7-8pm but most owners want guests to leave around 10-11am so the home can be cleaned in time for the next guest, that leaves you with 7-8 hours to kill with all your luggage. If you don't want to be kicked out at 10am and would prefer to have a more relaxed day around the pool and then leave around 4pm for your 7pm flight I would suggest booking an extra day, this will be alot less stressful especially if you have young children or older adults with you.

To see what Florida villas to rent are available now please visit our home page and enter your chosen dates and the size of villa you want and hit search. You then need to contact the owner direct to book via the contact form at the bottom of each villa listing. One thing to note is you only need to enter your contact details once on the form and they will be copied from one page to the next making it quick and easy to contact multiple owners.

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