Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando

Halloween Horror Nights Universal Orlando

Halloween Horror Nights is back again for the 24th year at Universal Studios Orlando. Running from the 19th September - 1st November this 28 night event is designed to scare the poop out of you.

Halloween Horror Nights has all the great rides you would expect at Universal Studios as well as 8 haunted houses, 4 scare zones and 2 amazing shows.

Here is a quick break down of what you can expect from this years Halloween Horror Nights 24 at Universal Orlando.

Halloween Horror Nights 24  - 8 Haunted Houses

Halloween – which see the return of Michael Myers as he begin his historic night of horror. John Carpenter’s classic horror movie comes to life just as yours is coming to an end!

The Walking Dead: End of the Line – this years walking dead themed haunted house is the largest Universal Orlando has ever created, you’ll journey through the most recent season of the Walking Dead (season 4) from the prison on your way to Terminus, your goal is to dodge all the flesh-eating walkers along the way.

AVP: Alien Vs Predator – Avoid becoming collateral damage in a violent and savage battle between two horrific extraterrestrial species. Whoever wins… we lose

From Dusk till Dawn – Chaos reigns inside a remote biker bar as you discover it’s filled with an ancient race of bloodthirsty creatures in this house based on the El Rey Network Series.

Dracula Untold – Reign of Blood – Witness the terrifying journey into darkness that transformed the legendary Vlad the Impaler into the creature we know as Dracula.

Dollhouse of the Damned – Those who enter will find that surviving the malicious dolls who wait inside will be anything but child’s play.

Giggles & Gore Inc – Evil clowns are not born…they’re made. The joke’s on you as you explore an abandoned factory where these deadly creatures are assembled.

Roanoke – Cannibal Colony – Take a trip back in time and explore the remains of this settlement where you’ll get a history lesson you’ll never forget.

Halloween Horror Nights 24 - 4 Scare Zones

The Purge: Anarchy – Once you enter the Purge you’ll be lucky just to survive the night in this experience based on the hit movies.

Face Off – In the Flesh – You’ll be surrounded by the most terrifying creatures from the minds of some of Hollywood’s most talented Special effects make-up artists in this gruesome, immersive experience.

Bayou of Blood – Venture into the Louisiana bayou where practitioners of voodoo are seeking unwilling victims for the night’s ritual sacrifice. Will you make it out alive, or will your blood be spilled on the sacrificial altar?

Maskerade: Unstitched – A glamorous masquerade ball is revealed to be a macabre dance of death. When the masks come off and the stitches are ripped away you’ll find that beauty may be skin deep, but horror oozes much deeper.

Halloween Horror Nights 24 - 2 Music Shows

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - A Tribute - Let’s do the Time Warp again! Rock out to clips from the classic cult film with live tribute performers and plenty of audience participation.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure - Party on as those two most excellent dudes return to skewer the biggest names in politics, show business and pop culture.

For more indepth information about the various ticket options and some tips to avoid the queues please visit this great blog post - Halloween Horror Nights 24 at Universal Studios Orlando.

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