Meeting a Giant Tortoise at Discovery Cove

If you have ever visited SeaWorld Orlando and seen all the amazing birds, string rays, sloths and otters but wanted to get closer then Discovery Cove is the place for you. We love it and try to visit at least once a year, as well as swimming with dolphins which is the main reason people go, there is so much more and we were lucky enough to meet one of the giant tortoises out for a walk around.

Discovery Cove offers a chance to meet different animals everyday at various places through out the park so you need to check the timetable and map once you enter or ask a member of staff.  We actually didn't know about this and were walking to the Explorer's Aviary and we came across one of the staff with the giant tortoise but since then we try to find out what's going on and make sure to be there early!

We are hoping to go back this October and who knows what amazing animals we will get to meet, either way Discovery Cove Orlando is a must as there are very few places in the world you can get this kind of experience!

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