Orlando Restaurants Open Seating Policy - Know the Rules and Jump the Queue

Logans Roadhouse in Orlando, Florida

Orlando Restaurants Insider Holiday Tips

With all seated restaurants you are welcomed at the door, your name is taken and then you are either seated straight away or given a buzzer and told the expected wait time….. This could be 10 minutes or an hour! Gulp, but your starving now! What do you do?

Option One - Leave…. but the other restaurants next door will be the same!

Option Two - Head to McDonalds, hardly the nice family meal you had in mind!

Option Three – Head to the bar area… most restaurants have open seating in the bar area, these could be high top tables, booths, or standard dining tables. Open seating means no wait time, just keep your eyes peeled for people paying checks and getting ready to leave, then swoop in!

You might want to seek guidance from the hostess at the door as to where the open seating ends, as each restaurant is different. For example Bahamas Breeze just has open seating directly at the bar, which is not ideal for larger parties or children! Other’s like Logan's, Chilli’s and TGI Friday’s have huge bar areas with booths, high tops and tables, plus you get to keep a sneaky eye on the sports scores!

Not only do you skip the queue you can sometimes get bar only deals on drinks and appetisers – so that’s a win win in my book!

By knowing this rule I’ve walked past many a long queue of people waiting for a table in the main restaurant!

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