Orlando Villa Holidays for 2017 are set to increase but why?

Orlando Villa Holidays 2017

There are over 30,000 Private Orlando holiday villas all within 15-20 minutes of Disney World. A large number of these of owned by international buyers e.g. UK, Canadian and South American.

Pre the property crash of 2008 the dollar was fairly weak against most currencies especially the U.K. pound which at one point was $2.10 to £1. Buying houses in Florida seemed very cheap and a lot of people did it!

Since the crash of 2008 the pound never quite recovered to those high levels and the recent Brexit in the U.K. (June 2016) saw the pound drop to record 40 year low against the dollar to $1.20 to £1 (October 2016).

But one thing hasn't changed and that is the fact that all owners have to pay there bills in dollars. So now it's almost twice as expensive to own and run an Orlando villa as it was before. Unfortunately things have to change and that means putting prices up for 2017 Orlando villa holidays.

Whilst we are unsure if this trend will continue or if the pound will recover against the dollar post Brexit and once the US elections are decided. For the meantime the majority of forecasts are predicting it will take months or even years for it to fully recover but lets hope it does.

Orlando Villa Holidays 2017 will be more expensive than before but still great value!

Even with owners having to raise there prices Orlando villa holidays are still great value for the size of the homes, quality and facilities that they offer. You won't find anywhere else in the world like Orlando with its amazing theme parks, fantastic weather and of course Mickey Mouse!

In order for the owners to pay there bills and maintain these luxury Orlando holiday villas to a high standard prices will have to increase. Holidays are meant to be something you will remember forever and not just about getting the cheapest accommodation you can find so be prepared to pay a bit more for a great holiday!

There are of course lots of cheap Orlando villa holidays still available but chances are if the price seems to good to be true then it probably is. Either the home won't be being maintained to a good standard or it will lack a lot of the comforts you want when on holiday.

We recently did a guest survey and when asked what the most important thing you look for when renting an Orlando holiday villa the answer was space and luxury furnishings and these don't come for nothing.

We have over 600 luxury Orlando villa holidays for 2017 on the vr360homes website which you can rent directly from the owners.

With this many homes we speak to the owners a lot and the number one thing we hear is "everybody wants a deal" or "they said my home was too expensive".

If you compare an Orlando villa holiday to a Spanish or Portuguese villa holiday you will find them amazing value and you get so much more in the homes.

I have been on lots of villa holidays in Spain, Portugal and the Canaries Islands and they are so expensive compared to Orlando. We recently rented (April 2016) a two bed two bath villa on Grand Canaria with a pool and it was €1200 for a week plus €200 for pool heating. The villa was nice but the furnishings were very basic, only one TV with limited channels, no internet and it was pretty small (600 sq ft).

For the same money in Orlando we could have had a 5 or 6 bedroom home with a cinema room, TVs in all the bedroom, games room and pool with a spa.

So your probably asking why didn't you go to Orlando, the friends we were travelling with have a small baby (under 2) and didn't want the long flight otherwise it's a no brainier for me!

Now I know the cost of the flights to Florida are a lot more than the cost of flights to Spain and Portugal but the extra cost is well worth it. You get world class theme parks, luxury accommodation and great value once your there.

Kids will always remember there first Orlando villa holiday to Disney world, I know I do!

I recently looked at the Thomson airlines website and they had flights from Gatwick and Manchester to Sanford for between £300-£400. Another great option is Norwegian Air. I ran a quote from London Gatwick to Orlando from the 29th Oct - 12th Nov 2016 (2 weeks) and it was only £452 return which is great value.

You can also get great deals with Virgin Atlantic and British Airways if you book during one of there regular sales. We recently booked flights for October 2016 for around £475 so they are out there you just need to book at the right times. We know the school holiday flights are always the most expensive and not often on sale but if you book early enough you can get reasonable prices.

In conclusion when looking to book your 2017 Orlando villa holiday please take a minute to think about your budget, try to spend as much as you can on the accommodation. When you break down the cost of a holiday, as a family you are likely to spend the most on flights (which equates to only 18 hours of you holiday if travelling from the UK). So why scrimp on the villa which you will be in for the full 14 days. After all you don't want to be disappointed, this is why you are looking at a Orlando villa holiday in the first place. Who wouldn't want... more space, your own bedroom, bathroom and pool area!

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