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How to get from Solara Resort Orlando to Universal Studios?

The Solara Resort in Orlando is around 20 miles from Universal Studios Orlando and there are a number of different ways you can drive to get there. We have spent a lot of time visiting vacation rentals that are advertised on our website so know all the different ways to get around depending on the time of day and traffic.

The Solara Resort is located on Westside Blvd in Kissimmee about 10 miles from Disney World. We have over 40 luxury Solara Resort Orlando vacation rentals all with Free Access to the amazing resort style facilities.

Anyway back to the reason you came to this page, how to get from Solara Resort Orlando to Universal Studios. The main route is via HWY192 but there are a couple of back routes that will help you avoid some of the traffic and get you there quicker.

When you exit the Solara Resort turn left on to Westside Blvd, drive for 1.8 miles and turn right on to Funie Steed Rd. Follow Funie Steed for 3.4 miles until you reach Morgan Williams Rd, turn left and drive for about 200 meters, you will see Ponderosa on your right. Turn right on to HWY192, by going this way you cut out a very busy section of HWY192 that has traffic lights every ½ a mile, this should save you some time especially during rush hour.

Update: I have been told that sometimes the last sections of Funie Steed by Formosa Gardens is closed to through traffic. If this is the case just turn left at the 4 way stop at Formosa Gardens Blvd, this will take you to HWY192. Once there just turn right and follow the steps below.

Follow HWY192 to I4 East (Interstate 4), once on I4 East follow for 10 miles and then take Exit 75A for Universal Studios. Follow the exit ramp up and then turn left at the lights, then get in the right lane so you can exit in to the Universal Studios carpark. We have a blog post about the Universal Studios parking charges and when it's free.

Universal Studios Orlando Resort

There you go, very simple and quick. Unfortunately there is no way to avoid going in I4 without going miles out of your way and it doesn't guarantee it will be any quicker. We often join the I4 and the traffic looks like it's at a stand still but once you get on you will find that it does flow fairly quickly even at rush hour.

The Solara Resort is one of our most popular Orlando vacation rental communities for it's location, close proximity to Disney and loads of Kissimmee restaurants nearby. Please take a look out our list of over 40 luxury Solara Resort Orlando rentals, all have there own pools and include Free unlimited access to the amazing clubhouse!

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