How to Use a Pool Safety Fence in your Orlando Vacation Rentals

We recently visited one of our Orlando villas on the Retreat at Champions Gate to give you a few tips about swimming pool safety and why it's important.

Families come to Orlando for a great holiday and memories that will last a lifetime; part of this experience is to have your own pool, sadly they can be equally as dangerous as they are exciting.

Pool safety is extremely important to prevent drowning. The first and best rule to prevent drowning is constant adult supervision for both children and the elderly.

All our Orlando rental villas are fitted with safety features around the pool area, but the above rule should always be adhered to.

The pool is cleaned on a weekly basis, access to do this is via outside doors within the pool screen. These doors have high access clips and hydraulic self closing mechanisms so they are not left open.

The home is also likely to be fitted with either of the following safety defences from within the villa.

The first is an alarm system, which will be activated when the doors onto the pool area are opened. This alarm is overridden by pressing a button by the door prior to opening it or closing to door to reconnect the circuit. Should a child manage to open the door and exit the home without pressing the button, the alarm will sound after a few seconds. This will alert all in the home to make sure the child is safe.

The second is a fencing system that surrounds the pool and blocks all access to the pool area, from all doors and windows in the villa. These are in sections and can be taken down by unclipping and rolling the fence up. Obviously taking the system down will mean you have removed the safety defence and are now susceptible to accidents happening. We recommend that you keep this in place at all times when you have children in the party that are not capable swimmers, and adults are not able to supervise children by the pool area.

Let’s keep swimming pools a happy place!

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