Universal Studios Orlando App is it worth downloading?

Universal Studios Orlando App is it worth having?

If you planning to visit Universal Studios Orlando then I would recommend you download the Official Universal Orlando App so you can check out the wait times for each ride as well as much more!

Universal Studios Orlando App Home Screen

The official Universal Orlando App covers both of the Universal Theme Parks, Universal CityWalk, Wet'n Wild and the on-site hotels.

One of the main features of the app is being able to monitor the wait times for the attractions, so if you don't want to wait you can just visit the attraction when you see it's quiet.

Probably the best feature I have found is that you can set up a wait time alert, so the app will alert you when your favourite attractions have shorter wait times that way you don't have to keep checking and can get on with having fun

Universal Studios Orlando App Wait Times

You can also create a favourites list and add only the attractions / shows you want to visit that way you won't see things that don't interest you.

Another great feature of this app is that it gives you realtime GPS walking directions within the park to each attraction, so if you get lost or don't have a park map you can just open the app, click on the attraction you want to visit and then hit the Guide Me button and it will give you photos and directions to help you find your way quickly.

Universal Studios Orlando App Ride Details

The app also gives you a description of each attraction and whether they have height restrictions as well as accessibility options and it's location. You can also see all the information for the various shows and when they are on as well as dining options and other points of interest.

Universal Studios Orlando App Attraction Information

When you click on the Dining menu option from the app home screen it gives you three additional tabs at the top which are Fine, Casual and Quick Serve and by clicking each of these you will see all the different food options available and there location. You can select and unselect each of the tabs to show or hide the different types of restaurants. You can also view all the options as a list rather than on the map if that's easier. The dining list not only covers the Universal Theme parks but also Universal CityWalk which has a large selection of restaurants and is a great place to grab dinner as you leave the parks.

Universal Studios Orlando App Dining

Universal Studios have also just added Free Xfinity WiFi throughout the two theme parks (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure) and Universal CityWalk so you can use the App, surf the web and share photos to Facebook / Instagram all without using your own data plan which is great for International guests that probably don't have a local data plan.

Another nice feature of the app is the Parking Reminder section, you just hit the small icon in the top left of the app and then select Parking Reminder from there you can select the section where you parked (eg Jurassic Park) the level you are on (5) and the row number (506). Now you are probably thinking I won't forget where I parked my own car, well if you have never been to Universal Studios they have one of the largest car parks in the world so this is a great feature and will save you running around hitting the alarm button on your key fob!

Here are the stats, there are 21,000 parking spaces spread over two garages that have 52 escalators and 350 call buttons for lost guests to use to seek help!


The app is available for iOS and Android devices via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Overall I think this is a must download if you are planning to visit any of the Universal Studios theme parks or Universal CityWalk as you have everything you need to plan your visit.

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