Windsor Hills Resort Review and Tips

The Windsor Hills Resort is one of our most popular rental communities and highly recommended by us and everyone that stays there. We have over 30 luxury vacation rentals available direct from the owners. For Windsor Hills Resort guest reviews, villa photos and 360 Virtual Tours please visit our web site, don't just take our word for it.

We often get asked questions about the Windsor Hills Resort villas and communtiy so we have put together some useful things you probably want to know before you arrive (most of these points will also apply to all of the Orlando villas we have on the site, apart from the directions).

Windsor Hills is a gated community, with guards on duty 24 hours a day. On arrival at Windsor Hills, you will be required to provide a rental voucher, which has details of the owner of the home, management company, villa address, your name and the check in and check out dates. If you have more than one car in your party, print a voucher for each driver. The security guard will ask you for a photo ID, for example drivers license, and will then present you with a pass which is valid for the length of your stay. You should display this pass by putting it on your dashboard when on the community.

Windsor Hills Resort Gated Entrance

Below is a list of questions we get asked all the time by guests staying on the Windsor Hills Resort.

Doing my laundry - First off every one of our Windsor Hills vacation rentals has it's own washing machine / dryer so you don't have to take 2 weeks worth of clothes if you don't want to, odds are you will be in shorts and tee shirt most of the time anyway.

Do I need to bring towels? - You don't have to take towels as all homes will have these for you to use just be careful not to leave them at the communal pool area otherwise it will be off to Target to buy some new ones for the owner!

Doing my hair - Most homes will have a hair dryer so again you don't need to bring one and if you are coming from the UK it won't work without an adapter and even then it's not as powerful as in the UK as the US is on 110 volts and the UK is 240. It's always best to double check with the owner of the villa before you arrive if they have a hair dryer.

Do I have to do the washing up on holiday? - Every Windsor Hills villa I have ever been in to has a dish washer but house keeping normally only leave you a few dish washer tablets so a good tip would be to bring half a dozen with you rather than buying a box of 30 from the local supermarket.

Taking out the Trash - Every home on the Windsor Hills Resort has a trash bin by the front door (this is only relevant to Windsor Hills), it looks like a seat but if you lift the lid up you will see it's a trash bin. Trash is collected everyday so make sure you use this as often as possible. If your trash won't fit in to the bin there are larger wheelie bins located near the clubhouse which you can use. On your departure day all your trash has to fit in to the bin otherwise you risk being charged an extra fee for trash removal by the management company that looks after the home. This would come out of your security deposit. There will normally be a notice in the villa about the trash collection rules so make sure you read it.

I have to buy toilet rolls! - Another house keeping question we get asked is about toilet rolls, normally there will be one toilet roll for each bathroom and after that you will be expected to buy your own so make sure this is top of your list on your first shopping trip. After all these are self-catering vacation villas.

Can I Park on the Road outside my Villa? - Parking is not permitted on any of the resort roads, pavements, sidewalks or grass areas. An overflow car park is situated beside the tennis courts. Offending vehicles will be towed at drivers expense.

Where is the nearest Supermarket to Windsor Hills? - The nearest supermarket to the Windsor Hills Resort is going to be Publix which is about 7 minutes by car (4.6 miles). I have included the address and contact info below if you want to program this in to your sat-nav. But if not it's very easy to find, just come out of the main Windsor Hills Resort entrance and turn right on to North Old Lake Wilson Rd, follow this dead straight for 4.6 miles and you will come to a set of traffic lights with a CVS Pharmacy on your left. Go straight over the lights and you will see Wells Fargo Bank on your right, turn right just after this in to the plaza and you will see Publix.

Publix Super Market, 7800 Lake Wilson Rd, Davenport, FL 33896 +1 863-420-3152

There are a couple of fast food restaurants here, McDonalds and Subway but Publix also do sandwiches, fried chicken and various other take out meals so you can get everything there. I highly recommend the Whole Ultimate Sub with Boars Head meat and cheese and a little extra Mayo!

Back at the traffic lights (CVS Pharmacy on the corner) there is a 7 Eleven gas station if you need fuel and in the Shoppes at Reunion Plaza they have a Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut take-out store, Chinese take-out as well as a Florist and Nail Salon.

HWY 192 the Tourist Highway - Of course these are not your only options just the quickest and easiest to get to without any traffic. The main tourist Highway which is less than a minute from the Windsor Hills entrance is called HWY192, this has a massive selection of restaurants and stores for you to choose from. One thing I will say is the traffic along the 192 can get very busy during the school holidays as this is the main drag too and from most of the vacation rentals. We have noticed that most people seem to head to the parks at the same time so getting up a few minutes early may save you, peak traffic times are between 10-11am and 6-8pm (this is only relevant during school holidays).

Routes to the Orlando Theme Parks - When you leave the Windsor Hills main entrance turn left on to N Old Lake Wilson Rd and follow this until you reach HWY192 from here it's right to go to any of the Disney Parks, or pick up the I4 (Interstate 4) heading east to go to either Universal Studios or SeaWorld.

Do you know of a shortcut in to the Disney Parks? - Well yes we do!  From the main Windsor Hills entrance, turn left, take a left again onto HWY 192, and then a right onto Sherbeth Road (In front of Studio 1 Gift Shop). Follow this road until you come to a junction with a sign for all “guest areas”. Turn right, the entrance to Animal Kingdom will be on your left and the other parks will all be sign posted.

When leaving the parks follow the signs for Animal Kingdom and then Animal Kingdom Resort Area. When you near the Resort Area follow the signs for Animal Kingdom Lodge. Just before the entrance to the lodge you will come to traffic lights. Turn left here and you will be back on Sherbeth Road on your way home.

Dinner Time at Windsor Hills - For restaurants you want to turn left at HWY 192 junction and within moments you will start to see the huge selection available. There are over 35 restaurants within a two mile stretch along the 192 (Mile Marker 4 - 6). Visit our Orlando Restaurants Along HWY192 blog post for information about all of these.

Windsor Hills Resort Clubhouse

Can I use the Windsor Hills Resort Clubhouse? - On the left side of the parking pass you are issued when you first arrive at the Windsor Hills gate is Smart Key Code which is a series of numbers that they need to enter into keypad at entrance to clubhouse pool.

Windsor Hills Clubhouse Pool / Water Slide

Please note that any towels found on pool furniture without an occupant will be removed, for this reason, please do not leave any towels from the home at the clubhouse pool.

Windsor Hills Resort Water Slide

Equipment for all outdoor activities can be obtained in the Windsor Hills Welcome Centre. There is no charge for using the equipment, but a small deposit is requested.

Opening Times for the onsite Sundry Shop...

Summer (April 1st to Sept 30th) 8am-9pm

Winter (October 1st to March 31st) 8am-7pm

To rent one of our luxury Windsor Hills Resort villas please visit our website and contact the owners direct to book.

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