Disney Springs Update April 2015 | New Boathouse Restaurant

Last night we went for a stroll round Downtown Disney to see how they are getting on with the transformation into Disney Springs, it’s completion is not due for another year (Spring 2016). I’m pleased to report that the main multi-storey car park was open, we parked on the 4th floor in the hope of a view, but there wasn’t much of one! The roads in are complete, but we were guided out past Cirque du Soleil, which added a few minutes onto the journey, as the way out hasn’t been finished yet. The walkways into Downtown Disney aren’t complete yet either with long billboards sectioning off areas whilst the building work continues.

The Boathouse at Downtown Disney / Disney Springs in Orlando

We specifically went to see The Boathouse, which is the latest restaurant to open as part of the Disney Springs development. Having opened earlier this month, I have to say, it is stunning and makes the most of it’s location overlooking the main lake.

Outside the restaurant they have the Amphicars, which were being meticulously buffed! You can take a ride in one of these super cute 1960s antique car-boat convertibles that drive from dry land into water!


We had already eaten, so were just being nosy and looking in to see what the restaurant was like. What strikes you first is how well themed the restaurant is, as you would expect from Disney, with outboard motors lining the walls, and even full speedboats! It’s clearly an upscale restaurant, but it was also packed, so you will need to either book ahead or put your name down and then go for a wander or have a drink at the bar first. As you walk through the main doors, you see the bar area with an iced raw seafood counter, from which food is served, you can’t get it any fresher than that!

The Boathouse at Downtown Disney / Disney Springs in Orlando

A friendly hostess, said we could walk through the restaurant to the dock bar at the back which also had various antique mahogany boats from the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s moored for you to look at, set out like floating artwork in a gallery. At the time the sun was setting, which was the perfect time to go. Disney do all things well and this is no exception.

The Boathouse at Downtown Disney / Disney Springs in Orlando

On our way back out I asked to see the menu, which is actually printed daily and would make a nice souvenir! As you would expect for it’s location, grandeur and fact that you’re on Disney property, it’s pricey, with Steaks starting at $39 for an 8 ounce filet mignon, chips are $9 to go with it! There are ‘cheaper’ items on the menu for example, a burger will set you back $20, again chips are extra! You may just need to write this one off as a holiday treat!


If you want to enjoy the view without the price tag, head to the dock bar, Domestic Draft beers are $6 and a glass of Prosecco is $9, which we didn’t think was too bad. If you fancy trying something a little different, then why not order a pint of Terripan Liguid Bliss, a chocolate peanut butter stout from Georgia, or the more local Big Storm Wavemaker, an amber lager made in Florida! Find a comfy rattan sofa, sit back and enjoy the golden sunset.


I’m hoping to go back and sample the fair, if I do, I will report back!

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