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Get the most from your Florida Villa Pool Heating

As we get into the Florida winter the temperatures start to drop during the day and night so to get the most from the pool heating you have paid for please read the following.

Florida’s daily air temperatures from November to March can be in the 80’s but they can also be in the 50’s, so if you have paid for pool heating it’s best to keep the pool cover on as much as possible to retain as much heat as you can. Anytime the cover is off and the air temperature is cooler than the pool water (most pool heaters are set between 84-87F) you are losing heat which is not great as nobody likes a cold pool, well not in the winter!

If the day temp is above 85F then you should be ok to leave the cover off all day but I highly recommend putting this on at night as it can get down to 40-50F so you will be losing all the heat over night and then the pool heater has to start all over again when it kicks on in the morning. Most of our Orlando villas should have pool covers available in the winter but if yours doesn’t then check the garage first to see if it’s there and if not contact the owner and request they have one. Due to the size and shape of some pools, covers can be impractical but it’s still worth checking with the management company.

Most homes that have pool covers will have them mounted to a roller to make them easier to get on and it’s best if two people do this so you can get the cover fitted as neatly as possible to keep as much heat in as possible. If the Orlando villa you have rented has a pool cover but no roller the temptation is to take it off one day and not put it on again but this will lead to the pool being cooler than it should be so take the time and make sure it’s put back on as often as possible.

One other element you need to be aware of during winter months, is that most pools need to be topped up each week which the pool guy may do but sometimes this maybe down to you. In the summer this is not really needed as there is plenty of rain to do this for you but the Florida winters are much dryer with less rainfall so you need to keep an eye on this. Leaving the pool cover off will result in alot more evaporation so again this is another reason why you need to put the cover on especially at night.

Pool heating is definitely needed if renting a villa in Orlando between November - March and if you follow the above steps you will have a lovely warm pool to swim in all the time.

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