Florida Villas to Rent Direct via Owners - Much Better than Hotels!

We have over 600 Florida villas available direct from the owners, mainly in the Orlando Disney area but we do have some on the Gulf coast and we are adding more everyday. Lots of guests often think staying in a hotel would be better and cheaper but this is not the case when you factor in all the points below.  We think staying in one of our Florida villas is no brainer!  Check it out and let us know if you agree be leaving a comment.

Florida Villas to Rent

Top 5 reasons why Florida villas are better than hotels:

1. Your own pool - For most guests the pool area is where they will be spending most of other time when not at the Orlando attractions so you want this to be nice, quiet and open 24hrs a day which most hotel pools aren't. Also as you have your own pool you are never far from the kitchen so you can easy access to cold drinks and snacks at a much lower cost which is important if you have a large family.  Also you don't need to get up early and run to your ideal sunlounger, they will be there waiting for you in your own villa!

2. Eating Out - Whilst some hotels offer bed and breakfast most don't and I don't know of any all inclusive hotels in Orlando so having your own luxury Florida villa allows you to stock up will all your favourite food and drink and then eat when you like. You are not restricted to eating breakfast between 7-9am or lunch between 12-2pm you can eat what you like when you like and at a much lower cost. Of course going on a dream Florida holiday is about new experiencing and most guests tend to eat out at least half the time, but for the other nights you can stay in and have a pizza, cook your own meal or have BBQ by the pool, it's up to you. For a family of 4 the average meal out with one or two adult beverages would be a minimum of $100 including tip but for the same meal at home it would probably cost you $25-$30 so that's a saving of $70 per night, times that by 7 and that's nearly $500 which could be spent at the theme parks or at one of the many Orlando shopping malls.

3. Privacy and Space - Probably the best reason to rent a Florida villa over a hotel room is the space, the average hotel room in the USA is 325 sq ft which includes the bathroom and closet. For the same money or less you can rent a 2,000-3,000 sq-ft Florida villa, that's 10 x times the space, now if that doesn't change your mind and make you want to rent a villa then you should stop reading this now!!

Depending on your budget we have Florida villas available from 1,800 to 10,000 sq ft with the average home around 2,500 sq ft. Everybody has there own room and maybe there own en-suite bathroom if that's what you choose. Everyone has there own TV so can watch whatever they like. Most homes also have a games room for the kids which doesn't require quarters to play every game. A lot of homes also have XBox's or a Playstation again something you wouldn't get in a hotel room.

Most hotels especially in Orlando have what they call a family room which has two king size bedrooms so you can sleep 4 people, but what parents want to share a hotel room with the there kids for 2 weeks, especially if they are teenagers, not me! So you end up having to rent two hotel rooms at double the cost.

I ran some hotel room quotes for a 2 week stay in August 2016 and found the Comfort Inn at Lake Buena Vista which is a 3 star hotel with a pool and restaurant. For a family room (two queen beds) and the average cost was around £789 + 12.5% Tax + $5.95 resort fee per night, total £949, this did include breakfast but that's all. Now that is pretty reasonable for two weeks accommodation if you happy to share a room and bathroom with your family but if you want to get two rooms then you are now looking at nearly £2,000 and you still have all the same issues I have already mentioned, eating out, shared pool and space. For the same money you can rent a 5 bedroom Orlando villa from us right now, I know where I would rather stay!

Veranda Palms 5 Bedroom Florida Villa

The other many reason for renting a Florida villa is privacy, most guests like a bit of privacy so they can relax and do what they want without having other people looking at them, if you want to get up in the morning and go straight to the pool you can. Every hotel I have ever stayed at I always feel I have to get dressed up to go the pool area even though all I am going to do is jump in the pool, doesn't make sense.

4. Relaxing and Quiet - One of the other reasons why staying in a Florida villa over a hotel is so much better is being able to relax and have some quiet time. With your own pool you don't have other guests splashing around you or other peoples kids screaming and you can't tell them to be quiet! With your own villa you can go where you like to read your favourite book or lay on the sofa and watch a movie in the middle of the afternoon, after all that's what being on holiday is all about, doing nothing if you want!

5. Cost / Value for Money - The number one reason why staying is a Florida villa over a hotel is better is the cost. Most Florida holidays are family trips with 4 - 6 people so you would need at least two hotel rooms, and as outlined above that is going to be at least £2,000. Now I am sure can get two hotel rooms in Orlando for 2 weeks that cost less than £2,000 but you need to ask yourself why I am on this trip, is it to stay at the cheapest place possible and not enjoy it or is it to have an amazing experience with my family and friends.

The last thing you want is to be sleeping in a cramped hotel room for two weeks when for the same price or less you could have your own bedroom, bathroom and pool.

One thing to be aware of when you are running quotes on hotel websites is the price you see is not always the total price, all the quotes I got were plus 12.5% Tax and + a per night resort fee, which can range from a few dollars to over $40 per night, some hotels also charge for parking which could be as much as $15 per night so once you add all that in you are nowhere near that starting price. 

When renting a Florida villa the owners do have to pay the 12.5% tax as well but most build it in to the quote so the price you see is the price you pay the only extra would be pool heating and depending on the time of year you go you may not need this or there maybe a communal pool or resort pool that is heated if you don't want to pay for it. We find you need pool heating from October - April. From April to October it's hot enough and the pool ambient temperature is normally above 80F so it's great to cool off in when it's in the 90's.

If you looking for resort style facilities that some hotels offer but want to stay in a Florida villa we have a number of communities now that have these, like a clubhouse, gym, large pool, kids splash pool, tiki bar, onsite restaurant etc.

Take a look at The Retreat at Champions Gate, Solterra Resort, Windsor at Westside and Reunion Resort

If you are interested in any of our Florida villas to rent please go to our home page, enter your dates, preferred location / community if you have one or just enter Orlando and the number of bedrooms and hit search, then contact the owners direct to ask any questions or get a quote.

We hope you find the above information useful and if you have any comments please leave them below, we are always interested in feedback from guests.

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