Skull Island Reign of Kong Attraction Entrance - WOW!

Skull Island Reign of Kong opened last summer at Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando. It got mixed reviews from park guests so I was keen to see for myself when I visited Orlando in December 2016.

Skull Island: Reign of Kong at Universal Orlando

I hadn't been to Universal for a couple of years and there have been a number of new rides and street shows added since then. The main one is Skull Island Reign of Kong which as I approached really impressed me.

Skull island Reign of Kong at Universal Orlando

The level of detail is amazing and having only seen it in photos I was blown away. The first time we rode the ride there was no line. We entered the park (Islands of Adventure) as soon as it opened and went straight to Skull Island so we just walked on and didn't really take much notice of the waiting area where you would normally queue.

Inside Skull Island Reign of Kong

The ride was great and after hearing a lot of bad things on Facebook etc my expectations were low so really glad it didn't suck!

One of the amazing things is the trackless truck you ride in, it's huge as Mr Trump would say! Technically it is also driverless but they have a fake dummy driver. One thing I would suggest is sitting either in the middle or at the back so you get a better view of everything. There is lots of 3D action going on so sitting further back allows you to see everything a little easier.

VR360 Tip: If there is no queue (5-10 mins or less) do the ride straight away and then go back around and take you time looking at the entrance / queuing area to see all the cool detail they have added. This will make the whole experience alot more enjoyable and then ride it again!

Skull Island Wait Times

Just a quick note to say that I do suffer a little with motion sickness but found this ride absolutely fine and didn't have any problems.

Let me know if you have been on Skull Island Reign of Kong and what you thought of the ride, we loved it and can't wait to go again in the near future.

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